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Personal training for mums and women:

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‘I need to exercise.

I know I need to go to the gym, but I really hate it.

I can’t motivate myself and be consistent.

There are so many exercise videos online out there I don’t know where to start.’

Sounds familiar? That was me. I used to hate the idea of going to the gym, but now I can’t imagine my day without it. I am an expert level 3 personal trainer, specialising in women’s fitness programmes, ranging from weight loss and body transformation, to pre-natal and post-natal fitness.

I believe that in order to change your body, you have to exert willpower, change your lifestyle and forget about the quick fix diets. I aim to work with you to create THE plan that will guide and push you through this transformation with ease – it’s actually not that difficult at all!

You will be following the most comprehensive and proven nutritional and training approaches, specialised to your needs. I have helped female clients to attain their goals, including getting ready for weddings, beach holidays and a Sports Illustrated photo shoot, as well as helping mums get in shape after giving birth.

We will tackle each and every excuse you can come up with. Unleash the warrior inside you, get into action and give your body the attention it’s been craving. You will be fit before you know it!

What I can do for you:

One on one training.

Personalised one on one training sessions at your home, your local gym or park, or at my London studio. I’ll design a personalised programme that fits your lifestyle, equipment and resources, help you optimise your performance and push you to get the results.

Small Group Classes

Bring your friends and join my other clients for different small group classes designed for mums and women throughout each week in a studio in Belsize Park. I will take you through fun, but challenging, workouts that will get your blood pumping and body rocking. Maximum 10 people per class.

Online training.

Use my app to access your personalised training plan and track your workouts. I will regularly review your progress and tweak your plan accordingly to help you achieve your goals.


May Solo
May Solo
15:56 18 Apr 17
Nitsha has been absolutely perfect, she does a range of workouts and always keeps me motivated in my sessions, especially when they are super hard. She provides meal plans and excersize assignments via her app and any questions you have she is always available to answer. She is efficient, professional and very reliable. I 100% recommend her to anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle change.
Syndy Shen
Syndy Shen
20:07 19 Apr 17
I have Nitsha as my personal trainer to help me start my fitness routine. She is very organised with great approach for beginners to gradually adapt into a variety of exercises and get interested and confidence in training. She also develops delicious meal plan to help form a healthy diet and personalised home work to assist training. I felt much better in energy level and more active day to day.
Esraa Al-Timimi
Esraa Al-Timimi
08:54 17 Apr 17
Even when I wanted to give up Nitsha pushed me, my body is tranforming and my attitude to health and wellbeing has completely changed. A great instructor whos flexible , respectful and absolutely wonderful. Lost 10kg in just over 2 months. Thank you
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Yay! Found a decent gym on Thailand so hitting it hard before attending my best friend’s wedding! 
Remember to keep your abs tensed at all time.

Aim for 20 reps, no rest in between for the total of 5 sets.

#warriormamafit #warriormama #wedding #travel #hiit #abs
Mango salad. One my favourite dishes! 😍🙏 #travel #cambodia #healthyfood #foodie #warriormamafit #warriormama
Another one of my outdoor gym sessions in Cambodia, working out at 34 degree celsius in Sihanoukville before hitting some beautiful islands. I have never sweat so much in my life 😂

Great superset for your abs while also working your arms and legs = more fat burned!

Dumbbell front squat 
16 reps

Squat with arm press
16 reps

Leg raise to crunch
20 reps

Perform each exercise one after another without rest for the total of 4 rounds 💪

#abs #lift #burn #sweat #absworkout #travel #cambodia #warriormama #warriormamafit
Working up to a heat stroke 😂in a gym in Siem Reap while on my travel.

A great combo to do after your front and back squat sets to tone up your butt and thighs while burning loads of fat.

Dumbbell (I use two 15kg dumbbells)
14 steps each set, 3 sets 
Alternate with (without rest in between)
Bulgarian split squat (I use 12.5 kg dumbbell)
10 reps each side, 3 sets

Leg extension machine
12 reps, 3 sets

Alternate with (without rest in between)
Jumping lunge 
14 reps, 3 sets

#warriormamafit #legday #lift #butt #travel
Perfect breakfast before our gym session in Siem Reap! 😍💪🥗 #holiday #breakfast #healthy #cambodia #warriormamafit #warriormama
Total body workout that also gives you a butt blaster effect 😋

Deadlift 100kg
3 reps, 3 sets
Glute Bridge 80kg
15 reps (pause 2 secs on every rep, the last one pause 10 secs), 3 sets

#glutes #totalbodyworkout #lift #weightlifting
Christmas morning gym session. Working up the appetite for Christmas dinner and burning off Christmas Eve feast from last night 😂

#warriormamafit #christmas #christmasdinner #gym #burn
Christmas has started! 🎉🎅🏻😸
#christmastree #warriormamafit #warriormamafit #cat #catlady
Total body burn using compound lifts.

5 reps, 5 sets of 50 kg front squat (as little rest in between as possible)
8 reps, 5 sets of 80 kg deadlift (as little rest in between as possible)
#mondaymotivation #lift #legday #glute #warriormama #warriormamafit
Breakfast 🍳! Omelette with added soya milk and butter, stir fried mushroom with a hit of pepper and sesame oil, fried onion and tomatoes topping. Happy me! 😍💪💯 #healthybreakfast #healthyfood #protein #muscle #breakfast #cleaneating #warriormama #warriormamafit
Leg day! Started with a few squat warm up sets. Then I hit 80kg squat for 2sets and drop down to 70kg squat for another 2 sets. 
#squat #legday #gym #lift #warriormama #warriormamafit #glutes #butt
Total body resistance home workout to burn of some fat before the holiday! ☃️🤸‍♀️🎅🏻 Static Dumbbell Lunge: 15 reps each side for 3 sets
Bent-over Dumbbell Row: 15 reps, 3 sets 
Kettlebell Deadlift: 20 reps, 3 sets
Kettlebell Swing: 20 reps, 3 sets
Curtsy Lunge: 16 reps, 3 sets
Dumbbell side Lunge: 10 reps each side, 3 sets
Bicep Curl: 14 reps, 3 sets
Dumbbell Crunch: 20 reps, 3 sets

#holidayfun #weight #weightloss #homeworkout #warriormama #warriormamafit